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5 Amazing Features of google photos you should know

As we all know google is giving us storage and management of images for free.Google photo app is using AI to identify people,places and objects.Photo app can do everything which a photo gallery can do with some extra features.Here are 5 Amazing features of google photos you should know.

Search for people,places and things

Once you start syncing your phone’s gallery with google photos , you can search anything using search feature.Google can identify people,places and things with the help of its huge database.In your photo album you can assign name label to any person’s photo.Search the name label and you will get all his/her photos in result.Similarly you can search terms like river and it will show you all the water bodies present in your account.



google photo search

Scan a image

Configure Google photo with Google photo scan to scan and upload any image.You can do everything with scan which a scanner can do.Select image size ,select file type and save the scanned image on google photos as well as on local storage.

Multiple Photo selection

Long press an image and drag your finger upward ,downward or sideways to select multiple images in one go.

Restore deleted Images

Google stores deleted image in trash folder for 60 days.You can restore deleted image if you want.Click on hamburger menu and select trash.Open the image you want to restore.Click on three dots and select restore.

Share Library google photo

Share photos and videos with anyone

You can share images from google photos using any app or by sending link of your photo.You can share your entire library with your friend.Other person will get new images as soon as it gets synced with google photos.

  • Click on hamburger menu
  • Select “Share your library”
  • Select a partner
  • Grant access to all images or a specific persons image and invite.Other person will get access to images you want to share.



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