My Activity – Control the data google is storing about you.

If you are using Android and other google products like Search , Youtube ,Map ,gmail , Drive then google knows almost everything about you.Google stores all these data to improve its services.Google knows you because you use gmail.All your information like your name , identity , gender are there on your google account.Google knows your search history,your youtube search , youtube watch ,your location and even you activity on other apps installed in your device like facebook and whatsapp.Its huge . You can see all this information at one place , which is your activity page.Google is giving you option to see your activity .You can also delete saved activity and prevent google to save data in future.

Where can I see my activities

Google My Activity-justLikenidhi

You can see your activities on “My Activity ” page by visiting is a private page and only you can see your activity.On your activity page you will see your google search , youtube search, youtube watch, uses of apps, map and other details like time of activity.All these data will be sorted by date.


Where can I delete my activity

For every activity present on My activity page there will be three dots (menu button) .Open the menu by clicking on the dots,you will get the option the delete the activity.

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If you want to delete product specific activity like all your activity on your android device , search android and open menu by clicking three dots (menu button ) and select delete results.Similarly you can apply filters by selecting different products and date range and delete activities from result.

Delete Search results-Google My Activity-justLikenidhi


Where can I control google to save my data – activity controls

You can control your by using activity controls option present in side menu.On this page you will find web and app activity, location history , device information ,voice and audio activity , youtube search history, youtube watch history ¬†and a blue toggle button next to each activity.You can use toggle button to pause the activity and google will be stoped to save data about that particular activity.Like if you will pause the “web and app activity” ,it will not save your search history,blog or website visits and activities on other apps.Google creates better commute options , quiker search result ,usefull video recomendation and ¬†better speech recognition by using all these data.If you will pause many services,you will experience declined google service.

activity controls-Google my activity-justLikenidhi

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