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5 Amazing Features of google photos you should know

As we all know google is giving us storage and management of images for free.Google photo app is using AI to identify people,places and objects.Photo app can do everything which a photo gallery can do with some extra features.Here are 5 Amazing features of google photos you should know. Search for people,places and things Once you start syncing your…

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Standalone desktop app for Whatsapp

We all know that whatsapp is widely used instant messaging app for mobile phones. Whatsapp is more than a messaging app,we all use whatsapp for sharing images,location and information. What if i do not want to check my phone frequently to see messages.Many of us works 9 to 5 on personal computer or laptop so there should be a…

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Find your lost android phone or tablet with Find My Phone

You can find you lost phone with the help of googles find my phone service.Find my phone is giving option to ring , locate and delete all data from your phone remotely. Enter the url “” in web browser. Login with the same google account you are using for you android device. After logging in you can see you android…

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