Facts you should know about iPhone X’s face recognition.

As we all know iPhone X allows us to unlock phone using facial recognition technology.Here are some facts we should know about iPhone X facial recognition.

Facts you should know about iPhone X's face recognition

How does it work

Face recognition technology uses a saved data about you face called face id to identify your face.There are many sensors and outputs on the top of the screen which is used to recognize your face and send signal to phone to unlock it .It uses an infrared flood light to illuminate your face .A secondary infrared laser matrix is beamed out and a camera will sense the change in the  matrix point.This will capture a 3-D data about your face, this data will be stored to new chip which compares the information with stored information.Apple allows you to create face ID with the face of only one person.Two faces can not be used to create face ID.

Where does it save your face Id

First time you have to scan your face and device will save all the infrared light beam matrix information within phone Рa special part of the system  that is not accessible to the world even not to the rest of the phone.That means your data will never leave your phone or travel any kind of network so its secure.

What will happen if i change my look

Phone can recognize you with beard,hat ,scarf or with a new hair cut.If your appearance will change extremely,phone might fail to recognize you.In that case use pass code to unlock the phone and set up the facial recognition again with new look.

If I am sleeping

People won’t be able to unlock by holding it to your face while you are sleeping to access your data as the phone will only unlock when you will give your attention to phone.Probably the phone will ensure that your eyes are open.

Picture of mine can be used to unlock

Apple says its facial recognition technology can easily recognize a flat version of a face instantly.Apple is saving 3-D data about your face and compares the captured data with saved data, so a simple 2-D image of a person will never work.

Even attempting to make a mask of someones face won’t work.

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