Find your lost android phone or tablet with Find My Phone

You can find you lost phone with the help of googles find my phone service.Find my phone is giving option to ring , locate and delete all data from your phone remotely.

Enter the url “” in web browser.

Login with the same google account you are using for you android device.

After logging in you can see you android device with battery status and the information about the internet connection on your phone.

You will get play sound ,lock and Erase options below that,and a google map with the location of your phone.

If you ring your phone using play sound, it will give a 5 minute long ring even if your phone is on silent mood.This service is very useful when your phone is silent and you lost your phone within house .

Using Lock service you can lock your phone remotely so that no one can see your personal data.You can set a message for the person who finds your phone.You can also set a phone number on which he or she can call and return your phone.

Last option is to delete all the data from phone.If you are not able to find  your phone  ,delete all the data.It will delete everything permanently.In this era phone can have all the information from phone contact to net banking password .Deleting all these information is always a safe option.

To use this service you should have

  1. Find my device turned on on your android device
  2. Device should be on
  3. signed in to google account
  4. connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data
  5. and location should be on.

Here is a guide to set up a android device for Find My Phone.

You can use Find My Phone app installed on a android device to locate another device.

Open the app ->Sign in with google account associated with the device ->Make use of all the above mentioned features.



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