Google Password Manager – manage passwords saved in chrome

If you have saved password in chrome while signed in and using chrome sync , you can manage all your password at one place.You can manage all saved password in android on any other browser also.

You can access all your saved password across devices and can manage them at which is Google Password Manager.

How to start syncing passwords

Sign in to chrome browser.

Go to settings -> toggle the blue button(sync everything ) to start syncing.

Google manage password syncing

After starting the sync all your saved passwords will be stored on your google account and can be accessed from anywhere.

Where can you see all your passwords.

go to Sign in with your existing google account that you are using in chrome and you will get a list of all the sites with your username and password .Password will be hidden but you can see your password by clicking on the eye symbol next to the password.You can delete a site with username and password from here but can not change the password or the username.

You will be automatically signed in to the sites for which password is saved when you visit the site next time .Passwords saved here can be accessed from any device .

What you can do to stop chrome saving your password

If you don’t want chrome to save your password on server ,you can do two things

  1. don’t save password in chrome
  2. switch off the sync – toggle the blue button (sync everything) off to stop chrome saving your password.

When sync is off your password will be stored on chrome on your computer.

You can see and delete all password saved on chrome on your computer by going Settings ->Passwords and forms ->Manage Password .

Enable Passphrase if you want to sync passwords but don’t want to see them on¬†

Any person who got your google account password can get all your passwords by visiting one site.Google is giving option to protect all your password with passphrase .

  1. sign in to chrome
  2. go to settings
  3. click on sync
  4. Select passphrase encryption by clicking on “Encrypt synced passwords with passphrase” and set the passphrase.
  5. now go to and you will not get your passwords but a message saying your passwords are encrypted,you can not access your data from this site.

Google manage password -message after encryption

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