How to save Instagram image .

We all know that Instagram does not allow to save other users image from its app.You can save your edited image which you edited in Instagram just before uploading it but can not save other user image.

But there is an unofficial way of saving other users image on your computer.There can be a scenario where you actually need that image or you desperately want to eat same pizza uploaded by your sister ,Then this is worth following all these steps just to save one image .


  1. Open Instagram in your web browser.
  2. Click on the time stamp below the image to open it.
  3. Right Click on the image and click on view page source.
  4. Ctrl+F to search “.jpg” .The first search result is your image.
  5. Copy the whole text within double quote (as shown in the image above) and paste it in web browser.You will get your image.
  6. Right click on image and save as you normally do.
  7. Enjoy.




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