instagram as a photo editor.

We all click images and upload it to different social networking sites.We all use different image editing apps to make our image look good,but we never thought of using instagram as a image editor.

Instagram is a site which provide us with an option to edit images before uploading.We can use this option as a image editor.I have already posted about how to save instagram image and how to post to instagram from desktop.

Here is a hack which will help you to edit images with instagram without uploading it to your profile.

  1. Open instagram app in your mobile.
  2. Click on the “+” button to upload image ¬†– select the image
  3. Apply the filter or  edit image.
  4. next step will post the image on your instagram profile. But we dont want to post this image and save it for any other purpose.
  5. Before posting the image just turn off the data of your mobile or turn off wi-fi , or just turn on the airplane mode.

airplane mood


6. Now post the image.

7. Instagram will show you a notification saying photo was not posted.Click on the three dots and select discard post.

Instagram as a image editor

8. Edited image will be saved in your gallery under folder ‘Instagram’ .

Instagram as a image editor

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