Post to Instagram from PC.

Instagram was originally a mobile app ,they encourage their users to post from mobile app only .Instagram is There is no option to post from website.Instagram does’t allow to save other users post either from website or mobile app.

If you want to learn the hack to save other users image.Here is the post for this.

But some users use their DSLR to click images ,transfer the images to desktop for editing and then wants to post on Instagram.Transferring images back to mobile device to upload on instagram is tedious work.

There are options like using third party software , android mobile emulators and user agent spoofing to post on instagram from PC.

We are not going to use third party software and android mobile emulators as it requires extra effort of installation.User agent spoofing is the simple way of doing the job.

I not going in depth of user agent spoofing ,you just have to tell Instagram that you are not a web browser but a mobile app and insta will behave accordingly.

Below are the steps.

  1. Open Instagram in Chrome browser.
  2. Go to Developer tools or just right click and inspect.
  3. It will open the developer tool,then press Ctrl +Shift +M.
  4. Website will be opened in mobile device mood.Use will get camera symbol on the centre bottom.
  5. You can create post from here.
  6. Click on the dropdown “Responsive” on the top centre to change the emulated device.It does’t really matter what emulator you are using.


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