How to take screenshot without PrintScreen button.

You want to take screenshot but your keyboard doesn’t have “PrntScr” button.I am going to tell you three ways to take screenshot without Print screen button.

using on-screen keyBoard 

You can take screen shots using on-screen keyboard.To open on-screen keyboard click on start button then type on-screen keyboard and click on on-screen keyboard from result.After opening this keyboard you can see print screen button “PrntScr” there. Now you can save screenshot using paint ,word or any other software as you do while taking screenshot from your keyboard.

Using Snipping Tool  

You can use windows accessory software “Snipping tool ” provided with all modern operating system.Using this you can take screenshot of rectangular area,free form area , a particular part of the screen and full screen also.It gives all the basic editing option also like highlighter , colored pen and eraser.To use windows Snipping Tool go to search , type Snipping Tool ,click on the snipping tool from result.It will open snipping tool for you ,to take screen shot click on new.

Using Microsoft Office documents

screenshot using word doc

Screenshots can be captured using Office documents.Here i am going to tell you how you can use ,Microsoft office word document to take screen shot.First Open the window whose screenshot you want to capture.Open a new word document,click on Insert tab,click on the screenshot ,it will minimize the word document and take you to the open window,drag the mouse to the part of the screen you want screen shot.It will automatically add that screenshot of that part in your word document.You can use this doc or right click on the image to save as a image file.


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