Use gmail to read,search and respond emails when you are not connected to internet using Gmail Offline


Gmail is giving us a unique feature for reading ,searching and responding to emails when we are not connected to internet with its gmail offline app for chrome .

You have to setup gmail offline when connected to internet .After completing the installation of the app it will start syncing the messages . Gmail offline will use browsers storage area .

below are the steps to setup gmail offline.

  1. visit Chrome webstore for Gmail Offline Page to install chrome app .
  2. Once the app is installed go to chrome://apps/. and click on Gmail Offline .select the allow offline mail and click on continue.

As it will sync all the email in browser’s storage area, it is not recommended to use on public systems.

All the messages that you sent offline will be sent once you are connected to internet.All delete and labels will also be moved after connecting to internet.

You can also specify how much data you want offline.

  1. open gmail offline.
  2. click on the settings on top right corner.
  3. there will be a dropdown “Download mail from past”.you can select the period from there and click on apply.

This will give three options week ,2 weeks and month.

Uninstall gmail offline

To remove app go to chrome://apps/  , right click Gmail Offline and click on Remove from chrome.Remove all the data from your system before uninstalling gmail offline by deleting cache.

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